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May, 16th, 2023 | By GVLtasty

Off The Grid Greenville (OTTG) is a non-profit media company that highlights and supports local, small diverse businesses in the Upstate, SC. OTGG represents the underrepresented through their 501(C)3 non-profit mission.

Emphasizing the importance of community spirit and sustainability, OTGG has become an essential part of Upstate, SC’s fabric. A well-rounded organization, they are driven by their passion for fostering the growth of small, diverse businesses, thereby bolstering the local economy and diversifying the market.

Their unwavering dedication to seeking out the undiscovered stars of the local culinary scene is a testament to their passion for food and their city. Whether it’s a hidden backstreet bistro, a tiny bakery tucked away in a neighborhood, or a vibrant food truck parked in an unexpected location, OTGG has it covered. They believe in giving the limelight to these off-the-beaten-path places that might otherwise go unnoticed but deserve recognition for their quality, value, and service.

The team of food stylists, photographers, and writers, led by Jackie Brooker, leaves no stone unturned. Their keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality have helped them create content that informs and entices the reader. They have effectively managed to create a comprehensive guide to the culinary landscape of Upstate, SC.

But OTGG goes beyond just food and drink. Their guides also encompass events and lifestyle features, offering a holistic view of life in Upstate, SC. The result is an inside look into the local culture, people, and businesses that make this region unique.

In a digital age where online presence can make or break a business, OTGG’s strong Instagram following has also been instrumental in highlighting local businesses. Their well-curated feed keeps followers updated on what’s new and happening and profoundly connects people and businesses.

OTGG’s work is a celebration of culinary delights and a love letter to Greenville. Follow them to discover the best that Greenville has to offer beyond the familiar and mainstream.

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