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Who We Are

A technology leader in a national firm headquartered in Greenville by day and a passionate food enthusiast by night, I've been entrenched in the tech space for over two decades and in the local food scene just as long. Residing in the vibrant heart of downtown Greenville, I've marveled at the culinary journey our city has taken.

Our Origin Story

As the world began to recover from the pandemic and dining out returned to being a beloved pastime, I found myself increasingly frustrated with the limitations of the existing platforms for finding top-notch local eateries and bars. Yelp, while popular, has seen a decline in reliability over the years. Many local restaurant owners have had to wrestle with claiming their listings, crafting perfect profiles, and paying for ads to achieve prominence on the platform. And as a food enthusiast, filtering through the noise of national chains and fast-food outlets to discover the hidden gems was becoming tiresome.

So, in July 2022, GVLtasty was born on Instagram to celebrate the unique and vibrant food scene that makes Greenville a food lover's paradise. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow food enthusiasts and local business owners, sparking conversations and fostering community. However, I found the same old problem creeping up when trying to explore new spots. Thus, after thoughtful planning and considerable effort, GVLtasty.com was launched in August 2022, a welcome and delicious diversion from my tech-oriented day job.

About GVLtasty.com

GVLtasty.com is more than just a website; it's a compass guiding you through Greenville's culinary landscape, making it effortless to find something mouthwatering to enjoy. The site's dynamic search function offers instantaneous results as you type, simplifying your quest for the perfect bite. You can also explore various categories directly from our home page, which feature a rotating selection of highlighted restaurants and bars. By creating an account, you can keep tabs on your favorite places and interact with our lively blog posts. Creating an account is as simple as clicking "Sign Up" at the top of the page.

Our Listings

At GVLtasty, we promise an authentic taste of Greenville. You won't find any national chains or fast-food franchises here, only the best local offerings. We started with about 50 handpicked listings, and thanks to restaurant owners and marketing partners, our family has grown since then. If you are a restaurant owner or marketer for a local eatery, please visit our owners' page to learn more about adding your establishment. Don't forget to ensure your information is accurate and relevant, so visitors can easily find and fall in love with your offerings.

GVLtasty Blog

Along with our extensive directory, our site features a blog filled with food guides and profiles of the local chefs who are the beating heart of Greenville's food scene. We also plan to showcase the local farms and farmers whose fresh produce make our farm-to-table eateries possible.

Thank You!

Your visit and engagement mean the world to us. To stay updated with the latest happenings in Greenville's food scene, follow us on Instagram. Your feedback is invaluable, so feel free to reach us via the email. Here's to exploring Greenville, one tasty bite at a time!