A Flavorful Tour: The Best Burgers in Greenville

January, 7th, 2023 | By GVLtasty

Finding the Perfect Burger: An Inside Look at Greenville's Favorite Spots

There's something innately comforting and profoundly satisfying about biting into a juicy, perfectly grilled burger. Welcome to our guide to the finest burger destinations in Greenville! Each place on this list offers a vast menu brimming with delicious delights, but we are specifically highlighting their standout burger offerings. If we've missed your favorite burger joint, feel free to share, and we'll make it a point to explore and update our guide. Let's dive into the Greenville burger scene! 🍔

Golden Brown & Delicious (GB&D)

Perfectly encapsulating the culinary experience in their name, Golden Brown & Delicious (@eatgbnd) is nestled in The Commons (@commonsgvl), adjacent to Unity Park. Their burgers and fries perfectly mirror the establishment's moniker. Make your experience even more enjoyable with a refreshing beer from Community Tap (@taptrailside) during your visit.

Grill Marks

Grill Marks (@grillmarksofficial) was founded with a singular vision: to redefine the burger and shakes experience in Greenville. They offer an array of mouthwatering burgers at their Downtown and Haywood Rd. locations, but we're particularly fond of the downtown venue due to its vibrant location.

Kitchen Sync

Your dining experience at Kitchen Sync is always remarkable. The burgers are grilled to perfection, complemented by crispy fries, and an extensive beer and cocktail menu. The staff is not just friendly, but also well-versed with the menu. Make sure to arrive early for lunch if you're driving, as parking spots fill up fast!

Nose Dive

A proud member of Table 301's (@table301) culinary family, Nose Dive (@thenosedive) is a laid-back gastropub serving "urban comfort food." It is the go-to destination in Greenville for those seeking inventive and modern culinary experiences that remain familiar and welcoming. Their impressive burger offerings are testament to this philosophy.

Patterson Restaurant + Bar

Patterson's Venture into the heart of Greenville, and you'll find Patterson's (@pattersonhartness), a gem in the city's culinary scene. Their Patterson Burger, a heavenly concoction of Braveheart Angus Beef, is a symphony of exquisite flavors. Each bite introduces you to creamy roasted garlic aioli, tangy tomato jam, and crispy pork belly. The richness of white cheddar, coupled with the refreshing crunch of butter lettuce, all lovingly enveloped in a soft brioche bun, creates a burger experience like no other. This flavor-packed marvel comes accompanied by a generous side of fries, making for a meal that is both delightful and satiating. Patterson's truly adds another layer of depth to Greenville's vibrant burger scene, bravo to Chef Tanner Marino.

Southernside Brewing Co.

Brimming with innovation, Southernside Brewing (@southernside_brewing) crafts unique beers and southern-infused food. Situated on the Swamp Rabbit Trail by Unity Park, it offers refreshing cocktails and outstanding burgers. Their outdoor space is ideal for large gatherings.

The 05

The 05 (@the_05_greenville), located off Augusta Rd, is a quaint neighborhood hangout, perfect for a post-work tipple or snack. They offer an array of refreshing beverages and delectable bites. Their burger, which we once tried on a whim, left us pleasantly surprised. We suggest you order it just as it is, to savor the chef's culinary intent.

The Trappe Door

Operating under the motto "Eat good food. Drink good beer," The Trappe Door (@thetrappedoor) serves a limited number of their highly sought-after baddie burgers daily. Located on W. Washington downtown, it's a place where early birds get the delicious worms, or rather, the burgers.

Universal Joint

Universal Joint (@ujgreenville) offers an expansive menu within its friendly neighborhood atmosphere. It houses an impressive selection of rotating drafts and bottles, along with an enviable dog-friendly patio. With twelve different burgers on offer or the option to customize your own, it has something for everyone. Our personal favorites are "The Firecracker", "The California," & "The Old 1-2". This is our top pick for a consistent, top-notch Greenville burger.

Up on the Roof

Perched atop the Embassy Suites downtown, UP On The Roof (@upgreenville) offers magnificent city views from the rooftop. The vibe is electric, and their handcrafted cocktails are a must-try. They also offer a selection of artisan wines, craft beers, and delectable small plates. So, grab a seat on the patio and take in the sweeping views.

Woodside Bistro

Situated in the Village of West Greenville at the historic Lofts at Woodside Mill, Woodside Bistro (@woodsidebistro) offers a blend of salads, sandwiches, and gourmet casual dinner service, with vegan and vegetarian options. Their full-service bar serves throughout the day, featuring happy hour specials, craft cocktails, and local craft beers. Their bacon and fried egg burger is extraordinary, accompanied by their irresistible fries.

Yee-Haw Brewing Company

Yee-Haw Brewing (@yeehaw_greenville), known for its vast beer offerings, vibrant outdoor space with a jumbotron screen, and succulent hot chicken, is also featured in our craft beer guide. Their scrumptious burger, accompanied by crispy tots, is a must-try when you're in the heart of downtown Greenville.

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