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Halls Chophouse

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Halls Chophouse proudly stands as a haven for meat connoisseurs, showcasing USDA Prime Steaks from Chicago's esteemed Allen Brothers. This renowned establishment ensures its guests receive the finest prime meats, hand-selected and meticulously aged, then precisely hand-cut to ensure the perfect portion. The menu boasts several varieties of steaks, each providing a unique gastronomic experience. The Filet Mignon, cut from certified USDA Prime and Choice beef, offers an exceptional quality and texture that sets the standard for distinguished chop houses in America. The Dry Aged Steaks, exclusively cut from USDA Prime beef, have undergone a traditional dry-aging process resulting in extremely tender, delicately flavored, and juicy steaks. Best paired with deep red wines, these steaks are recommended to be seasoned with simple herb rubs or marinades to amplify their rich, buttery texture and savory taste. New York Strip Steaks, an epitome of robust flavor and juicy tenderness, benefit from a wet-aging process that enhances the steak's fine, silky texture and rich marbling. The Ribeye Steaks, thick-cut from succulent rib roasts, are known for their distinctive marbling and natural "flavor kernel" that bastes the meat throughout the cooking process, giving it a mellow, prime rib flavor. Lastly, the Porterhouse Steaks are generously cut from the large end of the short loin, including the entire sirloin strip and tenderloin filet. These steaks are wet-aged to perfection, their incredible flavor best shining through when prepared simply, without elaborate seasonings or tenderizers. At Halls Chophouse, every cut of meat promises an indulgent dining experience, true to the tradition of classic steakhouse cuisine.

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Mon 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tue 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Thu 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
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Area Icon Downtown

Phone Icon (864) 335-4200

Location Icon 550 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601, USA

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