Savor the Flavors: Personal Chefs Serving Greenville

June, 18th, 2023 | By GVLtasty

Unleash Your Culinary Experience with Greenville's Best Personal Chefs

What is a Personal Chef?

A personal chef is an answer to your culinary dreams, bringing the flavors of the world to your home. This culinary maestro caters to your preferences, cooks up delectable meals for you and your family, and leaves you with a selection of dishes that can be savored throughout the week or during special occasions. They handle everything from shopping for ingredients, meal preparation, and even cleanup, allowing you to relish the joy of fine dining right at your own dining table.

The Perks of Having a Personal Chef in Greenville

Choosing to hire a personal chef in Greenville opens up a world of culinary benefits. Enjoy personalized meal plans, vibrant menus, and individual attention to dietary restrictions and allergies. Bypass the stress of grocery trips, meal planning, and long restaurant waits. A personal chef brings not just delicious food to your table, but also precious time and peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on the other aspects of your daily life.

The Investment in Deliciousness

The cost of a personal chef varies based on the complexity of the meal. While personal chefs typically charge a flat rate per meal along with additional fees for shopping and cleanup, this investment is offset by the savings from avoiding eating out or buying pre-made meals.

Discover Deliciousness with a Personal Chef in Greenville

A personal chef in Greenville is your ticket to creating mouthwatering, customized meals tailored to your tastes and dietary restrictions. From delectable entrées to indulgent desserts, a personal chef can make every meal an event, providing unique menus for special occasions. Enjoy the pleasure of perfectly cooked meals and savor the homemade goodness with every bite.

Finding Your Perfect Culinary Partner in Greenville

Greenville is a treasure trove of talented personal chefs who offer customized menus, dietary restriction-friendly options, and creative dishes. Find the perfect culinary partner for your needs through online directories, personal referrals, and local restaurants or catering companies. To help you start your search, here are a few of Greenville's top personal chefs:

Joseph Wilson (@thechefjoewilson)

Chef Joe Wilson specializes in food that is seasonal, fresh, and southern. He sources as many ingredients as possible from local farms and cooks in a style that's both rustic and elegant. Just a hint of fine dining with all the comfort of home.

He also specializes in southern kosher style cuisine that blurs the line between traditional southern, and traditional kosher dishes (although non kosher options are always available). He handles anything from a romantic dinner for two, to weddings and everything in between.

Jeanette Terry (@wildabandonkitchen)

Jeanette Terry is primarily a personal chef. She grew up with a love of cooking, eating, and entertaining from a young age. After culinary school and several years in the restaurant/hospitality industry, she opened her own personal chef business providing weekly meal service, small events, and private dinners. In addition, she love teaching classes and letting others have a hands-on experience to learn new skills and techniques. She can be reached via email ([email protected]) for inquiries about weekly meals, parties, and for booking classes. 

Adrianne Walker (@chef.abella)

Chef Adrianne "A'Bella" Walker, is a small-town girl from Greenville, South Carolina, with Creole and Caribbean roots. Adrianne grew up watching her grandmother cook everything from Caribbean oxtails, Creole seafood gumbo, homemade yeast rolls, sweet potato pie, and Southern fried chicken. In July of 2014, she started "A'Bella Catering," which then was simply selling plates from her loft in the heart of Downtown Nashville during her senior year of college at Tennessee State University. After rave reviews and much success, Adrianne knew it was her calling. One month after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to start her culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. While in school, Adrianne, who would then be known as "Chef A'Bella," was a sous chef at a Caribbean restaurant, had an externship at a senior living facility, and catered for various influencers, athletes, actors, and artists. Her food is known for it’s Caribbean Soul Food flare that followers have found a keen taste for. Reach out to her for catering your next event.

Kelsey Bauer (@chefkelseyanne)

Kelsey Bauer has been in the industry for about six years now. She has various experiences as a culinary instructor, health coach, and of course a chef. She currently works at a medical practice called Doctor For Life where she helps create a healthier lifestyle for patients. She has a degree in nutrition as well as culinary arts and is passionate about making healthy food delicious! Additionally, she is getting her masters at the culinary institute of America in Food Business. During the height of COVID, she lost her job and that’s when she started her catering business, kabkitchen. Some services she offers are: event catering, private dinners, corporate events, meal prep, and at home cooking classes. Her specialty is healthy and high quality…some of her favorite things to make are custom charcuterie boards, appetizers, and Italian cuisine. Blog:

Marianne Harris (@mari92belle)

Marianne Harris is the food truck and catering Chef at Project Host. If you’re unfamiliar with Project Host, they use food as a tool to nourish the hungry and train the unemployed. She has been a full time staff member there for just shy of 4 years. Before her time at Project Host, she worked in a handful of restaurants. She’s from northwest Ohio, but made the move to Greenville about five and a half years ago. Like many foodservice members, she started as a line cook and worked her way through the ranks. She picked up private catering jobs over the years as well as dinner parties, weddings, celebrations etc. This is where she fell in love with catering gigs.

She loves being able to create a menu designed specifically for the client, even throwing in dietary restrictions because she love a challenge! As previously mentioned, she runs the food truck (Hostmobile) and catering at Project Host. They created themed two month rotating menus for the food truck and found ways to make those same ingredients work for other caterings, doing “bites of” or a spin off of their current offerings. They can do in home caterings, drop off/pickups, boxed lunches, pretty much anything you can think of. However they are a training kitchen, so they cap their events at 100 people so they can best train and prepare their students and interns for their time in the industry. Their holiday menu is live, so if you’re in need of food and don’t want to cook, let them know!

Morgan Knight (@stormyknight95)

Morgan Knight is a full time private chef. She is primarily with one family M-F, every week and has been with her current client for two years. She specializes in dietary accommodations, high performance athletic diets, special events and meal prep services. Due to the nature of her position with this family, she only occasionally takes on outside clients, though she does still help out both Table 301 Catering and Soby's when available or for special events (i.e. She runs the Fall for Greenville booth for Soby’s).

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